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About Jobzone

Jobzone building and construction is an independent company that focuses solely on the building and construction industry.

Our goal is to be a quality partner in the industry and we have therefore invested into partners and consultant managers that have a great deal of experience of the industry.

We primarily hire out carpenters and concrete workers but we are also able to deliver other types of professional workers and civil servants in, to name a few, ventilation, painting, management and administration.

Jobzone has for more than 10 years been creating methods and work procedures regarding recruitment in the building and construction industry and we have approximately 1,000 employees in this segment in Norway and Sweden.

Our services

As a carpenter, or wood worker, you are involved in large parts of the construction process. You build wood foundations, i.e. joists, walls and roofs.
You might also work with manufacturing wooden moulds for concrete. Job tasks also include mounting windows, doors, interior fittings and building middle walls etc.

Concrete worker
Among other things, a concrete worker reinforces and founds concrete constructions such as building foundations, floors and bridges. The work also includes many other tasks.
In order for a concrete construction to be strong enough it must be reinforced with the help of reinforcement bars that run through the finished construction according to a certain pattern. The foundation and reinforcement are the two main tasks that a concrete worker has.
Construction services
The job tasks vary and the work is independent. Among other things you work with reconstruction and additional construction, repairs etc.

Road and construction work

The work consists of everything from constructing parks, building foundations for houses and placing pipes to extending the road and railway network.

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