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Welcome! Thanks for checking in and learning more about Jobzone.

Jobzone is growing rapidly and currently has more than 50 local offices throughout Sweden and Norway. Every one of our offices is equipped with knowledge of their local marketplace, enabling us to create the best job solutions and working situations for both companies and employees.

We help our clients with staffing, hiring, and direct recruitment across many professional areas. We are proud to say that every year we help more than 1,700 companies and create jobs for more than 9,000 employees. Thus, we are always interested in meeting motivated and skilled employees who looking for their next opportunity.

Jobzone works with individuals across all types of industries. For example, we help staff and recruit across many positions in IT, finance and payroll, administration, sales, events and customer service; to name a few. We are also well established within the construction, maintenance, transportation, warehousing, production and manufacturing industries where we collaborate with both large and small companies.

There are three ways to become a part of the Jobzone family:

As a “Staffing Contractor” for Jobzone you are a full-time employee at Jobzone, yet we will subcontract you out to work for one or more of our clients in need of staffing. You receive salary, insurance, pension provision and more directly from Jobzone. This is perfect if you like trying new things and don’t want to be locked into a permanent career.

A “Hiring Recruitment” means that Jobzone will employ you for the first 3 to 6 months of your contract. However you will be working with a specific client whose goal is to hire you directly after the 3 to 6-month trial period. We find that Hiring Recruitment works great for companies and employees because it gives you a chance to get a feel for the job and see if it’s a good fit.

“Direct Recruitment” to one our clients means that Jobzone helps a specific client find and recruit for a specific position. After the recruitment process, you will be employed directly by the client. When you’re looking for your next career opportunity our Direct Recruitment is for you.

Working at Jobzone

Employees are the most important assets of every company across every industry. It’s not rocket science… if you don’t feel good at work, then you perform poorly. So, in everything that we do, we put full focus on the happiness of our employees – our vision is to have the happiest employees in the world!

You can always feel secure in your job at Jobzone. You are employed full-time, we cooperate with union agreements, you are insured and you receive pension provision. Beyond that, we also seek out fun social activities to build a great company culture together, and make sure we provide the best working conditions for you. In addition, there is always someone on your side… we’re here to help you with anything you need to make you working experience better.

It is a matter of fact; we want to be the industry’s best employer!

Are you interested in working with us?

As an employee of Jobzone, there are a wide variety of career opportunities. We exist across many industries and operate in large parts of Sweden and Norway – where is your next dream job in Jobzone?

Fill out the form and attach your resume. Please be sure to write a brief message about yourself, your ambitions and what work you are interested in. We will contact you when the perfect position for you comes along.

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